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5.If you came here for the artist's gallery than be free to comment and favorite. Thieves will be treated depending on what they've stolen (yea , cause we all know many want to steal my so called "art" ) ( And in case you didn't get it I was being sarcastic)

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Choose 8 of your OCs, Cannon characters, or (with permission) your friends OCs. If you really want, you can 
even put in your friends, just don't put yourself in!

Okie dokie!
7.Pasta boy
8.Cloud sculpter

1. 1 and 3 are set up on a blind date, courtesy of 4. Why did 4 set up the date? Where do 1 and 3 go? What 
Sida just wanted to mess with them and sends them in their usuall training spot. They take notice of the not so well planned prank and try get back on her.

2. 5 and 6 decide to spend the day at the city zoo! What happens?
In one word....Chaos

3. 4 decides to take 5, 7, and 8 drinking! What goes on?
Sida and Cloud sculpter start singing while sober pasta boy just joins in for the fun. Versa on the other hand....not very amused.

4. 8 locks up 1 and 2 in a closet. What happens? How do they get out?
LIGHTNING AND FIRE POWERS ACTIVATE!!! ...that's about it....

5. 7 has kidnapped 2 and sent 4 a ransom note! What did the note say? What is 4's reaction?
If you want to see the anthropomorphic pasta again you need to give me back my research book , or else no more pub nights. Seriusly , it's not funny Sida.


6. 1 throws a birthday, but they can only invite four people. Who do they choose and why?
Kiro , Sida , Azen and CloudSculpter.  They are all good friends

7. Somehow, 3, 4, and 6 end up on Jeopardy! What happens? Who wins the game?
Azen and Sida try to team up but eventually lose to Vise.

8. Pop quiz! This is an all-round subject test (everything is covered!). Who has the best score? The worst?
 Best to worst
Pasta boy

9.If 3 could spend a day with any living person, who would it be?
Anyone really , he just likes to meet new people.

10. 1, 3,4, and 7 go through a time machine. Where do they end up? What do they do? Do they alter time in 

They end up in victorian times . Zinora just admires the beauty of the era while azen ,sida and past boy just play around. They change time by making a law that gives rights to all anthropomorphic food and when they return back home , anthropomorphic food is taking over the world.
11. Whee! Now, who doesn't love crack pairings? Give us four different crack pairings using the 8 people you 
choose for this meme!
(I hate me for doing this -_-)
Pasta x cloudsculpter
Azen x cloudsculpter
pasta x zinora
Sida x pasta

12. Taco time! Everybody, quick! Take a taco! But wait! There are only 7 tacos! Someone will have to miss out 
on a taco! What happens?

Versa doesn't take one cause...she doesn't have a mouth , light spirits need no food.
13. 1, 5, and 6 go to a gelato (Italian ice cream) shop! What's going on?
Zinora tries to eat some ice cream while discussing battle stategies but Vise and Versa just can't seem to get along.

15. So, now that that's over... why don't you tell us who everyone has a crush on? Does their crush know 
and/or return these feelings?

Azen likes Zinora and she kinda liks him back but none tells....
Kiro and sida seem to express their feelings to one another more.
Now for the rest...let's just say not everyone needs a pair.

16. 2 and 3 decide to play some board games. What do they play? How does the board game turn out?
They decide to play monopoly (after a bit of negotiation) Azen wins by cheating , Kiro notices and sneakly makes his plans backfire.

17. While everyone is at 1's house, the weather turns from a bright sunny day into a horrible thunderstorm! 
Everyone decides to stay, and are going to past the time playing Uno. How does the game go? Who is the winner?
Sida , cloudsculpter and pasta boy just want to have fun , Kiro , vise and zinora treat it more seriusly , Vise just wants to win and Azen...well he doesn't need to worry. He always wins in any card game....By cheating....

18. How would 4 react if they woke up on a deserted island? Would they survive?
Sida will certainly panic but try keep her spirits up. She would probably survive for a while but lonliness will start becoming a problem evetually.

19. Prom time! Everybody is going to prom (no exceptions!) What does everyone wear? Who's going with who? Prom 
King, Queen, Prince, and Princess? (no one outside of the meme can go)

Zinora , Azen , Kiro and Sida go dressed up as a witch , a werewolf , a mad scientist and a vampire  ,Vice and versa don't really have any choice since they are practicly ghosts and pasta and cloudsculpter get all fancy.
Azen goes with Zinora
Kiro with Sida
Cloudsculpter with Pasta (just for fun)
Vise and Versa go together but not as "dates"
Pasta Boy as prom king
Clousculpter and prom queen
Kiro and prom prince
Sida as prom princess
20. If everyone could have one wish, what would each person wish for?
Azen: The ability to fly!
Zinora: A better world
Kiro: To beome a good leader
Sida: To stay with my friends forever
Vise : To get rid of Versa
Versa: To get rid of Vise
ClousSculpter : To become a better artist
Pasta Boy : Super Strength

21. Does 6 have any secrets? What are they?
He is afraid of the light but tries to hide it , he also hates his job but can't do much about it.

22. 7 and 8 wind up in jail. How did this happen? What is their sentence? Do they attempt a jail break?
Cloudsculpter and pasta enter an illegal speed race and cause trouble ,their sentence is jail for a few months, they try break out but contaly fail.

23. 2 and 5 go to a carnival. What do they do?
Discuss about whet they see and ways they could advance these ideas.

24. 1 suggested that everyone go on a camping trip together! Everyone agrees, and they soon set out. Where do 
they go camping? What happens? Does it end well or in disaster?
They go near a beach , there were a couple of fights and technical probelms but in the end of the day ,everyone had a blast.

25. Last Question! What is everyone doing right now?
Dancing inside my head (that can explain the headache...)

1, 3, 4, and 8 each get to tag one person to do this meme! who do they tag?
Whoever wants to do this....JUST DO IT!just DO IT!!! 
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  • Listening to: Sunny (써니) [Girls' Generation] - Fir
  • Reading: My own mind
  • Watching: Markiplier

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We are all inetrested in different stuff thus in different imagery as well. I love a lot the pictures you take of the sky and the aurora lights , your landscape photos are grwat as well. Some of the animal pictures just don't seem all that interesting sometimes. Now that doesn't mean I don't like some of them. Again. It all depends. The titles you give are pretty good and I think that's something that is usually overlooked by many artists of many kinds. Especially when it comes to fanart (but that's another topic).
Anyway , if by asking me that question you were simply looking for constractuve critisism and advise on how to get better , well that's the farthest I can get. I can't tell you how to do your job (ot hobby) since I surely can't do it better myself. How ever I tried answer your question and I hope I didn't hurt you in an shape or form .
Honestly I wouldn't want to make you feel bad. You are ome of the most thankfull people in this site , always thanking when you recieve a fave and not just by saying "thank you for the favorite" but finding ways to be constractive about it , it is pretty admirable.
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